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C & H Asphalt is a full service asphalt and concrete contractor, located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.  We are a family operation, locally owned and operated since 2013. We pride ourselves in timely, professional workmanship and excellent customer service while educating and keeping our customers fully informed during their job.  We believe in keeping our jobsites neat, clean, and environmentally sound. As locals, we are very proud of the region we serve, and strive hard to maintain our good reputation and BBB A+ rating.  We know you live here because you love it here. We do too. 

C & H Asphalt is a small operation that does not believe in lots of unnecessary overhead. We are kind of Coloradan like that. We know that businesses and home owners appreciate a top quality job at a fair price. We will never try and sell you things you do not need for a New Design or job, whether it is concrete curbing, driveways, asphalt paving, Design and Design maintenance, or any of the many services we can provide at your Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak region location. 

We pride ourselves on our reputation, and have many happy, return clients to show for it. Our passion is asphalt and concrete service, whether it be paving, wet sealing, or even Designs. We even have a program to provide scheduled maintenance on your surfaces so you don’t have to worry about it, thus protecting your investment and giving you more time to enjoy the outside wonder we live in.

Asphalt Maintenance

Two Of The Largest Financial Investments A Person Makes Are Their Home Or Business And Their Vehicles. A Great Way To Add Value, Provide Easy Access And Egress, And Improve The Value Of Your Property Is To Pave Your Driveways, Sidewalks, And Ad Curbs, Guttering, Or Pavers In Concrete Or Asphalt. Customers Appreciate A Well-Maintained Drive And Walkway, And They Increase The Value Of Your Property. Your Home Or Business Looks Better, Is Worth More, And Requires Less Maintenance. Good Asphalt Or Concrete Services Provided By A Reputable Asphalt And Concrete Company In Colorado Springs Is Simply A Smart Investment In Your Property.

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We Know How Much Value Can Increase In A Property Just From Paving A Driveway Or Sidewalk. We Also Know That Sometimes Concrete Just Is Not A Pretty Means Of Doing Justice To A Lovely Property Located In Our Breathtaking Colorado Springs And Pike’s Peak Region. To Help Fix That Challenge, C & H Asphalt Does Concrete Staining. This Involves Non-Toxic Pigments Being Mixed Into Materials Or Topical Stains Applied To Your Job, Softening And Blending The New Drive Or Walkway Into The Surrounding Palette Or Those Of The Home Or Building. Concrete Staining Is Durable, Does Not Rub Off On Shoes And Clothes, And Does Not Affect Neighboring Environmental Or Landscaped Areas. Ask When You Get Your Free Quote For A Great New Driveway Or Walk How We Can Help Make It More Aesthetically Pleasing In Your Setting. 

If You Want To Take Your Investment One Step Further With A More Natural Or Finished Look, Talk To Us About Concrete Stamping. This Process Involves Concrete Made To Look Like Slate, Brick, Flagstone, Wood, Tile, And A Number Of Other Textures And Patterns. We Can Also Create A Pattern In Your Concrete Through Artful Application Of Trowels, Paddles, And Other Tools. Stamping Can Be Combined With Dying And Staining So Your Concrete “Brick” Or “Stone” Really Does Come Out Looking Like Brick Or Stone, But At A Fraction Of The Cost To Install The Real Thing.  Maintenance On Stamped Concrete Is Also Less Expensive As A Rule Than The Real Material, And Is Easier To Keep Clean And Provide Ice And Snow Removal In The Winter.

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Colorado Asphalt Services

That Same Care Applies When We Do Asphalt Designs For Locations In And Around Colorado Springs.  It Is Especially Challenging Due To Winter Weather And Runoff. We Don’t Want Our Trout Streams And Sparkling Clear Water Affected Any More Than You Do, Which Is Why We Take All Necessary Precautions To Set Mud Fence, Barriers, And Whatever Else Is Necessary When We Do A Design Job.  We Believe A Clean Jobsite Is Part Of A Well Done Job. We Want Our Kids And Grandkids To Be Able To Fish Here, Too. 

When We Provide Asphalt Paving Services To Our Colorado Springs, CO Customers, We Provide That Same Level Of Attentiveness To The Job As When We Design the asphalt layout. We Know How Frustrating Breaks And Holes In Your Road Can Be, Let Alone Expensive For Repairs To Your Car. We Will Only Suggest What Is Smart And Sensible For Your Location, With Sensitivity To Cost, Timing, And A Solid Investment For Your Property.  Trust Our Experienced And Knowledgeable Staff To Assess And Know What You Need Done, How It Needs Done, And How To Professionally Handle The Necessary Permits, Environmental And Ecological Assessments, Grading And Ground Prep, And Other Issues That Create The Best Possible Preparation And Outcome For Your Job.

Wet Seal Colorado Springs

It is smart to extend the life of your investment in asphalt or concrete installations. That is why wet sealing your asphalt or concrete regularly is important. Chemicals, the sun’s UV rays, use, ground settling, all affect asphalt and concrete. With the extremes in our weather, it is important that cracks and holes be repaired as soon as possible so a small fix does not become a big problem. We suggest you check your drives, walks, curbs and gutters frequently, especially in the spring. Since wet sealing needs to be done in warm, dry weather, summer is an ideal time to let our professionals take care of this task and save you the work and mess. 

C & H Asphalt can provide a maintenance program for your investment, whether home or business. We suggest new wet seal in Colorado Springs every two years to keep your asphalt in top condition, saving breakdown due to heat and chemicals. Wet weather also affects both concrete and asphalt, so sealing helps keep it looking its best, in top condition, before there is a problem. There is no upfront cost on the maintenance program, and it can provide peace of mind and one less thing you have to worry about doing on a weekend you would rather be out biking, hiking, or kayaking in our beautiful region. 

Every business beyond a certain size needs, and many of all sizes here in Colorado prefer to provide, correctly installed and marked disability access parking locations. Are you aware that parking space needs to meet certain federal guidelines according to the American Disabilities Act? And that it needs to be paved and ramped?  Here at C & H Asphalt we know the regulations and how to meet and exceed the needs of your clients. We can survey your sight, making recommendations with the least environmental impact, and correctly install a disability parking location.

Asphalt Design Colorado Springs

Community is key to a good business relationship, at least we think so here at C & H. We believe in supporting our local schools, churches, civic organizations, clubs, and events. We also know, as a small local business, that your budget might be capped or have limits. We understand and respect that, and will try our best to work with your individual situation while still providing excellent service and final product.  If your organization is in need of asphalt paving services in Colorado Springs, CO, pavers, or concrete work, just call us. Our quotes are always free, and we will do whatever we can to make the job a reality.   

C & H Asphalt, your full service asphalt and concrete contractor in Colorado Springs, CO. Call us for a free quote, and learn why so many home owners and businesses use our professional services.  You will be glad you did.

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