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Walkways around a home, or a back patio, are such a help, especially when you have kids. No matter how careful they are, it seems that part of the yard always ends up inside, on your carpet or flooring. Walkways help keep the outside, outside, and the inside, clean.

Walkways are not something that a lot of houses, especially older ones, have the luxury of having had installed, though. It is especially true the more natural location your home or business has the pleasure of being located on. Often people in our beautiful state of Colorado avoid putting down a hard surface in such places to facilitate rain or snow run-off soaking in, or “percolate”, quickly, or letting the ground and groundcover, breath.

In cases where hard surface is not a good option, or you do not want a permanent installation, or simply want to be economical and still have a walkway and patio that does not require replenishing annually like gravel does, then consider pavers. Paving stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, finishes, and textures, and offer an economical, environmentally friendly alternative for walkways and patios.

Pavers hold up well in Colorado Springs. Made from various materials that generally do not leach color or chemicals, they are tough, durable, cleanable, and easy to repair in case one gets damaged. They are economical and the variety of available shapes and colors even allow patterns to be laid when installed. They winter and summer equally as well, and generally do not fade from UV.

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Walkways made of pavers can also be set to accommodate groundcover that grows between each stone, creating a whimsical pathway to your front door. Common choices include varieties of creeping thyme and mosses. Check with your local garden center to see what they might be able to suggest for your new paver walkway.

Patios can be an expensive addition to a home. If you are seeking a good alternative behind the house or business that is durable and stays put, with low maintenance, then patio pavers are the way to go in Colorado Springs, if you choose to not go with solid surface. Pretty much kid and pet proof, patio pavers can be set tight or spaced, and still allow for excellent water shed.

Have a commercial application and you do not want to finance a large solid surface outlay? Concrete pavers work well in Colorado Springs, as they are durable, tough, can take increased weight loads, can be reinforced, and can be set in mortar for a more permanent application. These pavers work well when dealing with a parcel that simply does not easily lend itself to a solid surface, but a strong surface is needed, such as pads for stored equipment, temporary hoists, and other business needs. They also hold up well to equipment chemicals when sealed correctly.

C & H Asphalt is the leading contractor for paver installation in Colorado Springs, whether it be a walkway, patio, or business application. Contact us for a free estimate. Our experience and insight how to economically and creatively give you what you need in a paver stone installation will please you. We are happy to help.

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