Preventive Maintenance Program

Take the worry out of asphalt maintenance

Keep it spectacular

Now that you have made an investment in your property, allow us to keep it like new
C&H Asphalt Maintenance is proud to present the first ever Preventative Maintenance Program, designed to take the worry out of asphalt. Who wants the constant hassle of getting two or three bids, and having to go through the circus of getting W-9s and Insurance? C&H Asphalt Maintenance can eliminate all of that.
After providing you, the customer, with one of our many services we merely suggest that you allow us to walk your lot or driveway once a quarter, checking for any cracks or failing asphalt. If we discover any we simply correct the issue and invoice you at a significant discount. All we ask is that you commit a minimum of three years to the program. This eliminates having to get another bid for work that we would do under the terms of this program and having to have to ask for W-9s and Insurance all over again.

Program benefits

Everyone wins with C&H Asphalt Maintenance

Why should I seal coat my lot every two years?

Seal coating protects the asphalt from ultraviolet light which dries out your asphalt, and it stops moisture from penetrating asphalt (oil, water, liquids etc.) Plus, regular seal coating saves money over time because your asphalt will last longer.

Why should I fix my potholes?

Repairing potholes prevents damage to cars and prevents loss of business.  It also stops water from getting under the rest of your asphalt and causing damage to the good parts of your parking lot or driveway.  It also eliminates tripping hazards from your property.

Why should I get my cracks filled?

Crack sealing prevents water from getting under your asphalt and causing damage to the base.  Water that does seep into cracks will freezing and expand cracks, leading to “alligator” patches in your asphalt.  Sealing cracks in asphalt will also help prevent tripping hazards.

What does it cost?

There’s no money down to get started, and all we ask is you give us a chance to prevent any liability at your property. It will not only save you money but it will keep your asphalt looking good for times to come.

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